Kaizen Kai Karate History

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “ongoing continuous improvement” a statement that pretty much sums up what we are trying to accomplish together as martial artists here at Kaizen Kai Karate-Do. Kaizen is a life philosophy meaning that every aspect of one’s life deserves to be constantly improved. Not only are Martial arts about improving martial arts techniques within the dojo, but flows to a student’s life outside the dojo. Karate is a way of life, the skills learnt in karate training is much more than a self defence. Instructors at Kaizen Kai Karate-Do focus on each student as individuals. The beauty of Karate is that it is an individual journey, with individual challenges to be conquered and individual goals to be achieved. Kaizen Kai Karate-Do’s goal is to help you achieve black belt excellence, not only in martial arts but in life. By working together towards this goal we create an environment in which the student develops confidence through accomplishing high but realistic goals.